Robotic Lab Assistant

Biological research

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We provide technological tools that support the tasks of professionals in the natural and health sciences, based on in-depth knowledge of the needs and requirements of their activities.


Within our product portfolio, we can develop custom electronic equipment designed to monitor those variables of interest in a particular study, such as temperature, humidity, location and solar intensity, among others.

Data collection?

To solve the information transmission needs, we use devices based on ZigBee® , SimpliciTI® , Digimesh technologies , RFiD radio frequency identification and generic devices such as GPS radios that allow real-time consultation of numerous study variables, as well as spatial location of the specimens by triangulation, or using satellite information, in the case of GPS equipment.

Our experience

In our team we have the biologist VIVIANA VIDAL graduated from the Universidad del Valle in Santiago de Cali, who works as a Researcher in Biological Sciences in various studies related to the ecology of birds and amphibians. Its results allow to establish - apart from the behavior patterns - its implications in the ecosystem, the understanding of natural events and economic consequences. See details about Viviana's activities at this link .