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Development, manufacture, modification of machines and equipment.

Technology tailored to your needs.

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Technology tailored to your needs.

Que esperar de una máquina

In your industry your competition has the same access as you to the same type of machines, it is only a question of resources. Controlling them, supervising them and knowing what they did is the least you can expect (and if this is not the case in your case, VIDAL & ASTUDILLO can help you).
However, where there is an opportunity to have an advantage in your industry is achieving an integration of these machines with your process. You know your business, you know what you need in the plant. Procedures, tools, people constantly produce data. Integrating them and taking advantage of tools based on Artificial Intelligence are the way to improve the results of your organization.

VIDAL & ASTUDILLO can help you in all these parts. From reforming a machine to integrating it into your process.

Repair of electronic and telecommunications equipment

Through HERNAN VIDAL IET we offer telecommunications products and services covering different areas such as installation and commissioning of communications systems, consulting, auditing, special measurements, maintenance and repair of electronic equipment , as well as the supply of equipment, instruments and components. .

Our added value is based on strategic alliances with other civil engineering, systems and electrical firms in such a way that it complements all the requirements that a telecommunications project may demand.